Fabulous stickers

Fabulous Sticker Sets to bring awesomeness and a new fantastic look to your notebooks, diaries and planners. They are self-adhesive, with a Vinyl Matt Self-Adhesive paper, and are easy to peel off.

SET 1 : CREATIVE - 11 Sticker Sheets
(Stickers of Date Night, Self Motivation, Halloween, Coffee Time, Birthday, Weather, Movie Time, Journey, Marriage, Weight Management, and Flight)

SET 2 : ROUTINE - 11 Sticker Sheets
(Stickers of Travel - 2 sets, Your Mood, Food - 2 sets, Daily Routine - 2 sets, Work Routine - 2 sets, General Routine - 2 sets)

SET 3 : BASIC - 13 Sticker Sheets
(Stickers of Self Care - 2 sets, Upcoming Movies, US TV Series, To-Do List, Bill Due, Shit Happens, Important Days, Hydration, Birthday, Weekly Note, Payment Method, and Crowdfunding Platform)


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