Make your Designs Inspired by Nature.

We bring to you an avant-garde subject, the 'Nature of Form'; and assets we fabricated and assembled with much diligence. We present a collection of extractions of Organic Elements into Forms, Textures, and Colors. Nature of Form is an ultimate Biomimicry Book.



Biomimicry Examples

Biomimicry Design book


This design book features an exclusively original collection of Forms, Textures, and Colors derived from Nature. The forms are classified into characteristic attributes as well. We reckon nifty use of this data in the fields of Product Design, Graphic Design, Textile Design, Fashion Design, Transportation Design, Animation, Artistry, other Creative disciplines, & certainly, by any inquisitive individual.

This Biomimicry Design Book is like Wikipedia for Nature-inspired Design. – Yanko Design


Inspiration may strike at the oddest of times at the oddest of places. What if we were to expand our horizon & look into the endless variety that nature presents us with?

We are building a system that looks at form development from a new perspective. It’s indigenous, it’s disruptive and it powers the originality within a person. This product is one, but many at the same time. It makes you wonder. Each reader can manifest their own meaning into it, giving us the possibility of numerous derivatives from one single book.

Patter Inspiration from Snail
Nature inspired Design


Designed to do for nature-inspired design what the Pantone Shade Cards did for colors, the Nature of Form handbook captures and carefully documents as many as 1454 forms, patterns, and colors, all pulled from flora and fauna.

Inside the Book: A collection of extractions of Organic Elements from Nature into Forms, Textures, and Colors. Total: 1454 Entities, 432 forms + 231 Patterns +791 colors

ISBN: 9789354077517


Prof. Pradyumns Vyas
Prof. Pradyumna Vyas Senior Advisor, CII

Admirably extracted and distinctly put together, these resources can really be a great tool for anyone who knows how to use it.

Pedro Faustino
Pedro Faustino Illustrator & Designer

Great book for Inspiration taking ideas from nature, a good read to find new designs,explore and adding new knowledge to the creation process.

Prakash Unakal
Prakash Unakal Board Member, India Design Council

If the design is intelligence made visible, then forms in nature are God's creation made visible. This book has a nice compilation of inspirational forms from nature. Simple yet crisp, well-researched effort in visually decoding nature's form, pattern, and color.

Lea Schumacher User, Nature of Form

My new design bible! It’s just so great and I am simply in love.

Cherice Craft
Cherice Craft Illustrator · Artist · Designer

It's so perfect! I really appreciate all the work that went into this book and the fact the process for how to think this way is explained in the beginning. Thank you! Thank You!!

Nature of Form Design book

The world’s first design book on collection of organic elements from Nature into Forms, Textures, and Colors to inspire your Design by Nature.


Nature of Form for Designers