Nature of Form – Design Book for Product Design

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The World’s First Book on the collection of organic elements from Nature into Forms, Textures, and Colors to inspire your design by Nature.

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Nature of Form Book Specs

The 198-page publication intends to inspire and teach designers how to use various natural metaphors in the Design. The use of the derived elements is up to the designers, whether they want to use them in various designs, ideation, sketching, drawing, 3d modeling, 3d patterns, or something entirely anew. The elements can be used in fields of furniture, lighting, product design, fashion, automotive, styling, architecture, typography, etc.

The book consists of 150 organic elements, classified into 10 categories.

  • Flowers x 12
  • Aquatic Animals x 16
  • Vegetables x 20
  • Land Animals x 13
  • Non-Living x 12
  • Insects x 18
  • Leaves x 16
  • Fruits x 19
  • Birds x 15
  • Trees & Plants x 9
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Nature of Form Book
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Biomimicry book
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